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Tiled Castle Views

I've magnified all of the images here, since in their original form they are too small to show up on a modern display. I did these tiles myself, so they aren't as good as those a graphics artist would make. For a new implementation of the client, they would likely be doubled, so that the images would be about this size, but with more detail. These are all interior views - you would need quite a few more tiles to add outdoor elements, and also to add details like furnishings, etc.

Note that one of the principles of this display is to try to show only the parts that should be immediately visible. I don't do line-of-site calculations, etc. Instead, I define a bunch of "rooms", and when the character crosses between rooms, both rooms are visible while the character is on an entrance tile between them. Thus, as the character moves around, tiles appear and disappear in large groups. This explains some of the otherwise strange edges visible in some images. Most of these images have the character on such an entrance tile, to increase the amount visible.

We start the castle tour down in the dungeons and catacombs. The first view shows part of the castle tombs.
There are lots of prison cells down there too.
On the main floor, we see the kitchen.
When you go up the stairs to the loft above the storage rooms, you get a different view.
Part of the castle is actually three stories, since the lower level is only single height instead of the double height of the great hall, chapel, main guest suite, etc. In that second story we have a nice nice guest suite, with an indoor balcony overlooking a hallway area.
Going up from that level to the top level are the back stairs.
At the front on the top level is a larger suite, with its own entry foyer off of the front hallway.
Thoughout the central part of the castle are several secret passages.
Atop the front part of the castle is an additional three stories of tower. The back-and-forth stairs come out at the top of the tower.
Just below the top are the wizard's quarters. This view shows the north balcony off his main workroom.
He also has access to a much taller small tower, which I call "the tusk". At its top is a single room with a view all around.

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