Some Wildlife on Maui

Sea Turtles

Humpback Whale (on trip to Lahaina)

Mongoose in Waianapanapa Park. They are not rare.


Maui Gray Francolin (very common, and very noisy)
Beside the lanai on a niece's condo
Walked around me as I put my sandals on after swimming
On grass below our lanai
On the roof of one of our condos

YouTube video with call that greets you at 6:30 in the morning




Cow Egrets (very common)


Big Snail (in Iao park)

Maui Rooster hen and chicks (in Iao park)
Part of a rooster


Preying Mantis in the airport
The only time I saw one of these


Spider on plants by the shore walk


Little geckos around the condo area

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