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Miscellaneous 2002 Outdoors Pictures

Showing a very dry early summer (this is around June 16)

A bit later, around June 24 - close to the longest day

Watching the sun set at its northernmost point (around June 24)

This is the setting sun in the south-eastern corner of my living room (June 24)


Unfortunately, some people decided that the hot dry summer would be a fine time to start fires in the river valley and various creek ravines. There were over a half-dozen started this year. One, to the east of my place in the Mill Creek area, did quite a bit of damage.

A fire near the entrance to the eastern part of Queen Elizabeth Park (around June 24)

This shows the damage from the fire - not really that much

This is the old Queen Elizabeth pool - one of the two original outdoor pools in Edmonton. After this shot, the near fence was moved out to enclose the grassy area. Three or so years later, a large crack formed in the pool, and it has been closed.
Another fire, the next day or so. This one is to the west, just past the High Level Bridge

Trying to show late fall colours (October 31)

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