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Cranes and a Cool Sunrise Effect

The number of construction cranes I can see from my windows and balcony changes over time. Here is the current set, viewed west-to-east.

The crane is the red horizontal blur near the bottom.
Has to be pointing the proper way.
There used to be another one here, for the new parkade.
When they are pointing this way, they line up quite well.
Also has to be pointing the proper way.
After months, this still hasn't risen up. East end of downtown.
This one has been there for years - it is permanent

I got up about 7:30 on Feb 4, a bit before sunrise. I looked out the window and saw a curious thing. It looked like a vertical column of smoke over top of a firey red spot. After a minute or two, the column was higher and starting to curve at the top, and the firey part was higher. It took me a bit to realize that it was a jet contrail, with the jet coming towards me, and having turned a bit to make the curve. The firey part was further away (not lower down), and so was lit by the sun over the horizon.

Earliest view
Starting to curve left
In context
Best shot, but its now clear what it is

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