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June 28, 2013 - Louise McKinney Park, grad day at the Legislature

The walking bridge is scheduled to be torn down, since it is to be replaced by a new LRT (Light Rail Transit) for the south-east leg of the system.

Pictures from the walking bridge

I believe this is actually the old outlet for Mill Creek. It is normally above river level and dry. During the peak of the high water, it was full of water. Here there is just a bit left.

The bush just visible in the first picture above
Same place, looking down at the still-high water

Ok, this little thing was weird. As I was walking up the bicycle path to take the above pictures, these two girls were sitting on the grass doing lots of screaming about a caterpiller. I figured they were annoyed at a leafroller. On my way back I stopped to see what was going on. It turns out it wasn't a leafroller at all. It would swing one end (the left one in the picture) around violently whenever approached or disturbed. It is sitting on a guitar case, and I eventually picked up the case and dropped the crazy critter off in the tall grass. Anyone know what this is?

Violent caterpiller

Rose Garden


It turns out that June 28 was graduation party day for the local high schools. Lots of them had gone to the Legislature building area with their gowns and suits on. Lots of rented stretch limos around too. I really should have gotten some better pictures!


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