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Cranes and the Power Plant Chimneys

There is a city of Edmonton power plant complex across the river from me. It includes an older brick plant and a newer concrete plant. The newer plant featured large, tall chimneys. In early November, 2010, crews started work to remove those large chimneys. There had been work earlier tearing out some of the interior machinery. I expect the entire building to disappear during 2011.

A smaller crane had been used to raise a working platform up the chimneys, so that crews could remove various antennas, etc. On November 15, a much larger crane showed up - ready to remove the chimneys themselves. Unfortunately, I had to leave town and missed the action. However, I did get some pictures of the crane, and a movie of its initial raising.

Chimneys and crew-platform crane

Large crane viewed from across the river

Viewed from beside the site
Large crane base
Large crane upper rigging
Small crane base
Metal chomper for the chimneys

On the way home, I saw this small crane working on a house construction site half a block away. I had to take pictures. :-)

AVI of raising the large crane (original quicktime)

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