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Problems Moving a House

I'm told it broke down on 2009-01-30, and that they plan to continue on 2009-02-03. I took these pictures on Sunday, 2009-02-01.

You may notice that the street and sidewalks are very icy. We had several hours of rain last Thursday, and then it froze. Things are a real mess.

It's hard to tell what exactly happened, but the rough cuts on the lengthwise steel beams, and the fact that the crosswise dual beam is not supporting anything, suggest that the connection between that crosswise beam and the lengthwise beams broke somehow. The ends of the lengthwise beams are blocked up. I'm guessing that the big cross beam sits on the main tow-hitch, positioned by the ball on it. The steel straps, using the big holes, attach the lengthwise beams underneath the cross beam. Maybe one (or both) snapped. The dual winches could be used to pull the cross beam up into place, or perhaps just to hold it.

Looking south
Closer view looking south
Left side of tractor
Left (west) side of house
Porch and towing rig

Detail of tractor left side
Tractor front (OSKHOSH)
Tractor right
Tractor right rear

Cut in beam, etc.
Just behind tractor
Tow hitch in crosswise beam
Right (east) side of house

Right (east) side of house
Where the house was
Moved garage
Right-rear of house

Under-house rig (jacks as brakes?)
PTO? from right
Tractor right (hand winch for spare)
Dual winches

Update, 2009-02-03

The move is scheduled to continue tonight. The house is only moving one block north. The owner's family has owned the house for a long time, and he wanted to keep it in the area. The old lot, and the one beside it, are going to be used for a new condo.

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