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Nuts in Edmonton

Taken August 14, 2007

This little bush is about a block away, on my way to work. It gets little pink flowers fairly early in the year. Nothing I found on Wikipedia helped me figure out what this is.

Acorns on an oak tree. I know of at least five such trees within a couple of blocks of me. Why are there two kinds (smooth and bumpy)? Wikipedia didn't help in figuring out what kind of oak.

Buckeye. They look like Horse Chestnuts (conkers). The tree is on Saskatchewan Drive, over by the university (across from the Henry Marshall Tory building).

These are hazel nuts. These particular two are very soon along the path that heads down just across from the road into HUB mall. I've seen better specimens, but they are east of here, not west, and it was west I went today.

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