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Optical Effects Seen ESE in Early Morning

I took these pictures before sunrise. It seems to me, based on the position of the large radio tower, that they preceeded the path of the rising sun. The focus is not right - my camera would just not do it, but you can get some idea of what the two lights looked like. I did not notice such a large difference in brightness when looking at them through binoculars. The lights persisted for at least 10 minutes. What are they? The motion of the lights relative to the radio tower shows that they are not a reflection from the window I was looking through. Their position relative to that tower was independent of which window I looked through. To the naked eye, the lights looked lenticular.

Pictures taken looking ESE on November 5 2007
8:39:12 A.M.
8:42:33 A.M.
8:42:59 A.M.

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