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London Row Houses

Mrs. Emma Paisley of #3, Rosethorn House, Church End Lane, London, thinks of herself as the matriarch of the row. Her family has lived in number 3 since the row house was built, and she has been watching residents move in and out for more than 50 years. Most of the people have been good, solid families with a few exceptions, like that nasty Tom Burdock who turned out to be a burglar.

The current bunch is mostly quite nice, but some are a bit strange. The Blocks, in number 1 for example, are nice enough but they seem a bit unrefined and sort of rough-cut.

Mr. Hunt in number 2 (who insists that she call him "Jock"), is a helpful neighbour to Mrs. Paisley but he doesn't take care of his own yard. And, that dreadful dog Bruiser barks far too much and makes a terrible mess in Mr. Hunt's back yard.

Mrs. Paisley is quite proud of her own yard, with her birdbath out front, and her wonderful flowers out back. She uses her greenhouse a lot, to pre-start the more delicate of the flowers that she likes.

The Verkliks have both number 4 and number 5. Mrs. Paisley is never really sure how many of them there are - when she tries to keep track, it never works out. They are definitely foreign, going around in those "hoodies" all the time, and talking with a VERY strange accent. They also barbeque an awful lot, even when it is pouring rain, and some of the smells are quite strange. Perhaps they use a lot of spices.

Mrs. Paisley almost never sees young Mr. Brown in number 6 - he must work a lot. His yard is tidy enough, but he hasn't really done anything with it.

Martha Wood in number 7 is a good friend to Mrs. Paisley. Martha spends a lot of time in her garden too, but hers is mostly vegetables. She claims that she saves quite a bit of money by growing her own things, and that it is much healthier. When Martha brings samples over for Mrs. Paisley, she likes it enough, but she will continue buying her vegetables at the grocers. Mrs. Paisley does wish that Martha would do something about that pile of garden dirt she has had in her front yard for 3 years.

The Willowsmith's in unit 8 have two young boys. They are good boys, but, being young and full of energy, they do tire Mrs. Paisley out when they are around. Luckily they normally stay at their end of the row. Mrs. Paisley secretly enjoys it when they come round and tease Bruiser, even though she shouts at them.

There are a couple of subtle things I've done, but won't mention. I wasn't short of parts for this project, other than getting the right combination of Technic angle connectors for the swings (that's why they are blue). I had carefully counted out the 4x3 white windows, and then ended up not using one set of 8 I still had left!

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