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Booster Factory Construction

Here are random photos taken during construction of my factory. As mentioned on the main page, it is mainly on two 48x48 baseplates, but the dock area overhangs onto two more baseplates. 1x2 tiles on those plates support the overhang. The engine house is similarly supported, with only a few studs holding it in place. That makes it easy to take off, and slip inside one of the main sections for transport.

The roofs of both buildings are made from large bricks. I built supporting pillars and beams in the main building to work with 8x16 bricks. However, it didn't work out perfectly, so I built some off-size bricks using plate. I like to build my roofs in black, but quickly learned that black 8x16 bricks are rare. So, I switched to new dark grey, which I have lots of. The roof looked OK in that colour, but I then decided it was wrong because I wanted the roof machinery (air conditioning, etc.) to be in new dark grey. So, I rebuilt the roof bricks using old dark grey. While doing that, I changed the custom ones from having 1x sides to having 2x sides - pressing the roof machinery down was hard on the 1x sides.

The roof machinery got redone as well. The first version was built on the roof, using normal building. But, half-way through I realized that I would need to be able to take it off for transport. So, I rebuilt it with the horizontal ducts not connected (sitting on tiles) to the main unit or the distribution boxes.

Putting the new dock bay doors in. Of course, I got one of them backwards and had to redo it.





Note that the windows/doors are not recessed here - that happened soon after this





Starting on the pillars, beams and roof
Roof bricks, including "manufactured" ones
Roof, and edges, done



Roof machinery done

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