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Things Geeks Do With Lego


I only learned about Quarto a couple of days ago. It is a two player board game with a couple of twists. The board, as you can see, is a simple 4 x 4 rectangle. There are 16 pieces - enough to fill the board. There are four properties, each with two different values, that the pieces can have. With these Lego versions, the properties are: thin/fat, low/high, no-colour/colour and light/dark. This makes 16 pieces for all combinations of those. The black and white pieces are considered "no-colour", and the yellow and blue pieces are "colour". The white and yellow are "light" and the black and blue are "dark". The two players don't hold the pieces - they are all in a pile.

In each turn, a player selects a piece from the pile and gives it to the other player to place. They take turns doing this. If the player who places a piece can make a row, column or diagonal of 4 pieces, each of which has the same value for one or more of the properties, then that player wins. For example, filling a row with all yellow and white pieces wins because the row is all "light". Keeping track of all four properties can be tricky! Don and I played only two games, and pretty much decided that the game will always end in a draw unless someone makes a mistake. Anyone have information to the contrary?

Five moves left - a forced situation
End of game - a draw

My tub of Megabloks grey 2 x 4 x 1 (Don said I should take a picture of this to show, so I did! I no longer have these bricks.)


For those not old enough to remember, Soma is an old solid puzzle produced at one time by Parker Brothers. The original goes back to the 1950's or earlier. There are seven pieces, all different. Put together they make up a single cube which has 3 x 3 faces. Six of the pieces contain 4 of the smaller cubes, and the seventh only has three (6 x 4 + 3 = 27 = 3 x 3 x 3). The puzzle isn't really all that hard, and so is a good one for folks to start playing with. The instruction booklet also had several other configurations to try to build.

The Pieces
The Cube
The Crystal

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