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Edmonton House

There is a real house called "Edmonton House", but this isn't it. This is just my version of a house in a style that Edmonton has quite a few of, especially in the area I live in. I think back in the early 1900's a number of multi-story brick houses were build by the richer families. Other families built smaller houses, not using bricks. I wish I had had a camera 20 years ago, and I could have taken some pictures of some of the smaller houses - they can't have been more than 500-600 square feet of living space, on one floor with no basement.

I've taken pictures of some of the houses like this one around here, but this one isn't modelled on any specific real house. Instead, it is just my own design of one using the general style. It is probably a bit higher than the real ones would be, because of the steepness of the LEGO roof tiles.

In my mind there have been some modifications done to the house over the years. One is that the front porch has been fully inclosed - originally it would have been open, with no glass between the columns. Another is the addition of the balcony and sliding glass doors for the main bedroom in the rear - they would not have existed in the original structure. The gas meter, the garden hose and the round bathroom vent cover would also not have been there.

Overall Views From Above

Straight Views
Left side
Right side
Front porch
Rear balcony

Meter on left side
Trellis with clematis
Front door

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