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Telus World of Science Star Wars Stuff

Initially I wasn't planning on doing anything for the Telus World of Science displays, but got talked into doing some stuff for the Star Wars display. The first was the hanger for the Millenium Falcon.

John and I used a lot of my tan brick, plus borrowing a bunch from Andrew, to do the hanger and surrounding Mos Eisley stuff from Tatooine. We did the hanger together, and John did the upper annulus (ring). I then did the smaller structures around the sides of it. It worked out pretty well.


I then got pressured into doing even more, since Andrew didn't have the time. So, I ended up doing another Hoth snow scene (the second time for me!). This one isn't hollow - just a mound with some closed base doors in it. I also did the shield generator this time (from a *lot* of old grey plate).

Hoth ridge in place

Hoth ridge under construction
Entire front view
Back view before adding white wall
After adding white wall

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