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Megabloks "Dragons" Sets

Some of the pictures aren't very good. I'll perhaps try again some other day. There is also lots I could talk about, but you'll discover it all for yourself if you buy the sets. Overall, I'm quite impressed. I don't know that I would actually mix this stuff with my generic building blocks, since the styles are quite different. But, I would like to see a tub of the various wall pieces - one could build some nice looking castles with lots of them.

The sets include a few sizes of contoured, painted baseplates, which can be used for very nice settings for fantasy/medieval combat scenes. The castle pieces are a bit limited so far, but are interesting in their own right. The pieces are painted using a process that leaves them all looking like old stone, and more importantly, all different. Before they are painted, I'm guessing that they are deliberately put into a machine that scratches them. That, combined with the painting, makes them all unique.

The dragons themselves are very detailed, and there are six different ones (so far!). There are two basic figure colours - bronze (or gold or copper) and iron (or silver). There is one leg set and one torso form for each colour. There are, however several different heads/helmets for each colour, as well as several different weapons for each colour. Within a colour there are 2 or 3 subgroups, each with their own cape colour, standard, shield colour and associated dragon and power gem.

Accessories include detailed log and stump pieces, wooden ladders, wooden planks, torches, trap-door pieces, and of course the various baseplate and rock pieces. The large baseplates come in a surprising variety of painted configurations. Each of the 3 larger sets has a special main piece that is activated by one or two of the dragon power gems. I especially like the secret runes!

The boxes
Overview 1
Overview 2

The Dragons
The 5 dragons
Closeup of the orange dragon

Some Specific Set Details
Warriors Fortress detail
Battle Gate detail

The Figures
Mounted knight closeup
Wizard details
Some knights

The three seige weapons
Some details
Scenery, etc. detail

Some Accessories
The 5 shields
Some weapons

There are new sets - Dragons Challenge and Dragons Tower.

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