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The New Wrebbit Bavarian Castle

(Warning: the pictures on this page, if you click on the thumbnails, are large version - typically 150K - 200K)

The first Puzz3D I ever saw was the original Bavarian Castle. It was that puzzle that got me hooked on them, and I've been buying them since that time. The fact that I'm a castle fan made it a perfect fit for me, and I've concentrated mostly on castle-ish puzzles.

Early this year I got Wrebbit's new Bavarian Castle as a gift. A glance at the box showed it to be the same as the old one, although the piece count was larger. So, I didn't assemble it. Instead, it got stuck in a closet. A couple of months ago, I saw it, and decided to take it to work to give to someone else. A co-worker, Dave, took it home and worked on it with his young daughter, Laura. He came back a few days later and said that the puzzle didn't match the box pictures, and there was no way it could be put together. So, I brought it home again.

Last Sunday I had finished cleaning up a bunch of other stuff, and decided to have a look at it myself. Dave and Laura had assembled two of the main panels, and some of the smaller ones. I proceeded to assemble more pieces. First were the roof pieces, which likely were a source of confusion, since the box pictures don't have such sections at all. I ignored that little detail. Eventually, I had all of the panels assembled:

Next came the part of assembling the panels. Some of this was made harder by the fact that the pictures on the box were quite misleading. I also made a couple of silly errors that caused me a lot of puzzlement (like trying to put a tower top on the wrong tower). Here are a pair of pictures from part-way through:

Here are some shots of the completed castle (see Dave, it does work!):

And a few more shots from different angles, for any others that want to do this puzzle, but are baffled by the lack of proper pictures:

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