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August 6, 2010

This walk was on my way home from the nearest Dairy Queen, which is actually quite a long way from here. That may be good or bad, depending on whether I think my waistline is more or less important than my pleasure. :-) The walk back was the long way, through Mill Creek ravine. The creek is called that because there was a grain mill built beside it many years ago. The old mill building has been converted into restaurants and offices.

Heading towards DQ
Ripening plums on a tree
Next tree - apicots?
Fairly large apples in a yard

Walking home through the ravine
Towards a corner
Next view of same corner
Again, camera turned
Blurry yellow flower
Chokecherries - not quite ripe

Surprisingly, there are actually some very small fish in the creek. I don't know how they get there, because there is a large fall from a culvert into the North Saskatchewan river. Also, I'm surprised they survive, since I often think of the creek as "Mill Sewer" - it goes through an industrial area, and the outfall into the river is full of foam a couple of times each year. These two videos are trying to show a couple of batches of fish, but I sure can't see any!

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