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August 26, 2010

This walk was one of my long ones for this summer. I went west to the edge of the river, in Hawrelak Park, then south as far as the riding stables, then back home. A bit less than 3 hours. I used to walk in this area more often when I lived closer to it.


I walked down these - glad I didn't have to go up them!


This is the first, smaller, mini-wetland between the path and the riverbank


This is the larger one. It's been wet this year, so this is bigger than it normally is.


This third one is just across the path. It's not normally there.


I was walking above the riding stables and looked down the slope and saw a smoothish open area. I thought "huh - could be a toboggan hill". Then I looked uphill and saw that it was. Someone is insane! Sorry, my thumb was entirely over the lens for the downhill shot.
Up the trail at that spot
Down the trail at that spot


I've come out at the back of the riding stables. Later, on the news, I heard that there had been a bear spotted in that area the day before I was there. No sign of it for me!


After the above, I climbed straight up the now grassy slope, and took several shots as a panorama.


A bit later, heading north, another good view. It was a minute before I figured out what all the stuff across the river is - it's the Valley Zoo.


Walking along Saskatchewan Drive, someone is keeping an accessway to the edge of the river valley open.
House just across the road
The view
Looking back from the viewpoint


Later, walking through the houses, I noticed lots of nuts on the road. They are from this nice oak


A couple of days later, heading out on a cool day, I spotted this little fellow. I tried to get even closer, but he hopped off. I turned around and almost tripped over a white cat, which I petted, and told not to chase the bunny. :-)

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