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2011 Ice on Whyte Ice Carving Display

I missed this event last year, so made sure to go see it this year. Very nice! Asside from the carvers from Harbin, China mentioned on the sign, there were others from Russia and elsewhere. This year we've had lots of snow (2 feet so far), and today (January 22) was the first with lots of sun and a temperature a bit above zero. Very nice outside!

The Festival home page is here

There were lots of descriptive signs, especially for the major carvings, but I didn't get pictures of them.

Descriptive sign in context
Sign up close

Big Slide

A practice snow sculpture?

Little Slides

Snow Sculptures

A couple were available for kids to "decorate"

Ice Maze

Small Rabbits

Chinese Theme Area

Other, Larger Ice Sculptures


Boundary Castle Wall

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