Don Reble's resume

Don Reble
#312 11104-84ave NW
Edmonton, Alberta
T6G 2R4

(780) 431-1412
See also Don Reble's annotated resume, a much more detailed version of this.

Work Chronology

BigBangwidth Inc.


Pulmonox Medical Inc.


Z. I. Solutions

late 2000

Total Control Products

early 2000

Neuromotion, Inc.

late 1998

late 1997, early 1998

early 1997

Myrias Computer Technologies

late 1995, 1996

Shana Corporation

late 1994, early 1995

Myrias Computer Technologies

early 1994

Ubitrex Corporation

late 1992, 1993

Myrias Computer Technologies

1991, early 1992

Myrias Research Corporation

1990: Compilers group

1986-1989: Operating systems group

Participated in the construction of the Myrias parallel operating system:

1985: Applications research group

B. Bray and Associates Consulting

1984: Computer Programmer

Alberta Government Telephones

1979-1980 and summers of 1981-1983: Scheduler support dept.

1977-1978: Computer operator

Saskatchewan Wheat Pool

late 1976: Mail clerk


Obtained BSc in Computing Science and Mathematics at the University of Alberta, Edmonton. Studied computer programming at Herzing Institutes, Winnipeg. Completed high school at Concordia College, Edmonton.


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