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The Quest Game Libraries

At some point in time a bunch of us at the University of Alberta decided to do a multi-player adventure-style game (this was long before we had heard of MUDs). We talked to the systems people that ran the mainframe, and they agreed to provide a shared-memory segment that we could use for interprocess communication. Since I was the senior of the bunch, and had already done some stuff along the games line (I'm told (thanks Mark!) that this was around 1985, whereas Six/Fant was 1979 or earlier) I volunteered to put something together on my CP/M system as a suggestion. I did that, and called the result 'Quest'. I had a tiny "world" for it that showed what it could do, but it wasn't really a game. Unfortunately, none of the other people ever got around to doing much, and I was too stubborn to go in and do it all myself, so the whole thing fizzled out to nothing.

The files available here are:
files.txt intro to my stuff for the other participants
quest.txt documentation on the quest libraries
q.g header file for the libraries
qmain.drc the main (world) program that uses the libraries
qcrt.drc source for the screen-control routines
qparse.drc source for the input parsing routines
qlist.drc source for the list (semantics) routines

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