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Logging in to CGMud

As mentioned on the previous page, the first interaction you have with the CGMud system is it asking you for the name of the character you want to play. This is indicated by the "Enter character name:" prompt. If that character does not exist, you will be told so, and asked if you want to create it, with prompt "Create it (yes/no)?". If you answer yes, then the system proceeds to creating the character. If you answer no, then the system goes back to asking you for the name of the character to play. If you answer neither, the system will continue asking until you do.

When creating a character, the CGMud system has the ability to have a "character creation password", which is needed in order for anyone to create a character. If that is not empty, you will be asked to enter it next. You will have 3 chances to get it right. My system will have no character creation password. If other CGMud servers are setup, and you find that a password is needed, you will have to contact the administrators of the system to find out what it is. This mechanism allows administrators to control who has access to their MUDs.

After any character creation password, the system wants you to enter a password for your new character. These are not very secure, so don't use a password that is important to you (e.g. don't use any email password or UNIX or Windows password). The first prompt for the password will be "Enter character password:". After entering the password the first time, you will be asked to enter it again, to confirm that you typed what you thought you typed (passwords will not appear when you type). The prompt for confirmation will be "Confirm character password:". You have 3 tries for that confirmation, and then you go back to the beginning with the character name selection.

If your character already exists, then you will simply be asked to enter the password for your character, with a prompt of "Enter character password:". You will have 3 tries to get the password right in this case, also.

Whenever the client is shutting down, other than via the Quit menu entry, you will be prompted to "HIT RETURN". This is simply to allow you to see any output to you before the client closes its window and shuts down.

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