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In technospeak, CGMud is a free, softcoded system with a cached on-disk database and dynamic single inheritance, supporting graphical I/O via a custom client.

In simple terms, the CGMud system consists of two pieces or programs. One piece is the traditional MUD server program, which runs on a server machine on the internet somewhere. The other piece is a special client program that users have to run on their own machines to get the full graphical features of the system. The client program is a Java application (*not* Applet), so it runs unchanged on most modern platforms. The client cannot be used without a server, so unless a server is running on the same machine as the client, the machine with the client must have an Internet connection in order to be able to communicate with a server. In addition to providing graphical output, along with the usual text output, the client provides additional modes of input, including mouse input and numeric keypad input for moving around. The server also accepts regular "telnet" connections, but since telnet doesn't support all the fancy stuff, users won't get it with that kind of connection. Details here.

I am currently running a server for CGMud on machine "", so you should be able to point the client at that machine and play the game that way. Some of the graphics used by the client are sent to it by the server as needed, but others should be available on the local, client, machine. Those images are available in a ZIP file on the client page, along with the client itself.

The Java source for the client is also available on the client page. The ANSI C source for the server is on the server page. The source for the scenario, or world, that I am running is also available on the server page. Here is a page containing a selection of images from the system.

All of this material is released freely to the world. It is not under the GPL or any other license - do with it as you wish. However, common decency suggests that you credit me if you use all or parts of it, and that you contact me with suggestions of remuneration if you plan on using the system commerically.

Historically, this system is my old AmigaMUD system, with its name changed. I spent roughly 6 years of my spare time developing the server, the original Amiga client, the scenario, the documentation, etc. My friend Don wrote the Java client, and has gratiously agreed to its free distribution.

The AmigaMUD variant of the system was released several years ago. This new variant has essentially the same server, translated from Draco to ANSI C, but there are several differences in the client. The new client lacks many of the features of the old one, but many of those could readily be added back with some effort. The client differences include:

The last would be considerable work to add (though not impossible).

The current feature-set of the system includes:

This page contains some GIF images from the system.

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