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CGMud Server

Since only MUD-programmer-type geeks will have any need to look at this page, I won't worry about making it nice and flowery. :-) The documentation files here are based on the old AmigaMUD version of the system, and so may be a little bit out of date. I'll mention them in specific cases. The docs here are just ASCII text files, not HTML. So, if you look at them in your browser, you'll have to use your "Back" button to get back to this page.

Intro.txt This is an early document I wrote introducing people to the old AmigaMUD system. As such, it is out of date, but will give MUD-folks a general idea of what the CGMud system is like.
MUDServ.txt This file contains valuable information about running the server. Anyone who wants to put up a CGMud server for others to use should read this file.
MUDCre.txt This short files explains how to use the MUDCre program to create a new, empty CGMud database. This must be done before creating a new world from world source files.
smud.txt This short file explains how to use the simple 'smud' client program. This client has no graphics/mouse capabilities. However, with this non-Amiga CGMud system, the 'smud' client is, unfortunately, the only client program which allows on-line editing of CGMud functions with an external editor. The Java CGMud client does not have that capability, unlike the old Amiga MUD client.
simple.m This is the source to a very simple game in the CGMud system. Looking at this will give you a quick idea of what things look like. You'll just get a headache if you dive right into the full world sources! To build this world: run the MUDCre program; start the server (MUDServ) in that directory; start up smud - log in as SysAdmin (password SysAdminPassword), type "source simple.m" (modify path as needed), then type "Normal()$". The simple game should now be up and running, playable either with the smud client or the CGMud Java client.
Programming.txt This file is the first file that serious CGMud world programmers should read. It talks about the system in general, and introduces the internal programming language with examples.
ProgConcepts.txt This file documents all of the builtin (server-provided) functions in the CGMud system. These are the calls that are available even with an empty database. They are the basis on which all CGMud creation is built. In this file, they are documented in groups, such as utility routines, parsing routines, text output routines, graphics routines, etc.
Builtins.txt This is the reference of the "builtin" functions in the CGMud server. These are the MUD-language-callable routines that are compiled into the server itself. These are the core of the system.
ByteCode.txt This is a short writeup of CGMud's bytecode system, including why I added it, and how it performs.
Images.txt This is a writeup I did for AmigaMUD as a plea for better graphics from anyone able to provide it. The first part of this is quite out-of-date, but the list of images that the scenario will reference is still relevant. This is the ANSI C source to the CGMud server. Documentation on the innards of the server, and what is in the various files, will be available over time. I had not initially planned to release the server sources, so there isn't any old documentation on it. The server was originally written on the Commodore Amiga, using my Draco programming language. Because of that, it will look like a bit of an unusual C program. This is about 50,000 lines in total. This is the souce to the scenario (world) that I'm currently running. You'll need this to run the server on your own system, unless you really want to start from scratch. This is about 30,000 lines in total.
Scenario.txt This is an old Amiga-specific version of programmers documentation on the standard scenario source files. It is now quite out-of-date, since I've added the tile-mode code and the common code to handle both room and tile modes in one world. It would be a day or two of work to update this correctly, so unless there is real demand, it will stay out of date.
todo.txt This is a somewhat lengthy file which is a compilation of many notes to myself about the system, written over the years. Some of the things here have already been done; others are no longer relevant. There is enough work in there to keep me busy for another decade!
telnet.txt This file, also referenced from the main CGMud page, contains information on the telnet support in the CGMud server. This file is the source for a small Java Application that can be used to turn JPG or GIF images into CGMud source for tiles, usable in the tile area of the standard world. See the comment at the top of the file for how to use it. Years ago, when I was first working on this MUD system, I decided that since the server had all of the features needed for an adventure game system, and more, that it should work for adventure games, too. Basically, all you need to do is not worry about characters, and prevent more than one connection. So, I added that ability, and some of the first testing I did of the database code, the parsing code, the output formatting code, etc. was done in the context of an adventure game, which I called "Uncle". This ZIP file is the source to the Uncle adventure. There isn't much to do in it yet, but you *can* get past just the few rooms of the house.

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