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CGMud Client Images

Old Amiga Images

I haven't taken many images of the new Java client, but there are several images from the old Amiga client here.

As mentioned previously, the new Java client can change its configuration, adding and removing components, as directed by the scenario running on the server. These first two images show that. The one on the left is the main town area, seen when you leave the mini-mall. The one on the right is the entrance to the tile-based wilderness area, to the north of town. The images I currently use in the right-hand panel for the tile mode are all just pictures I've taken locally with my digital camera.

The Two Current Display Modes
Room Mode
Tile Mode

The images on this page were captured using the 'xwd' program on a Linux system. That program captures the window borders as well as its contents, so the title-bar at the top is that produced by my window manager, 'twm'. Different window managers, and different systems, will result in different window appearances, as well as variations in the appearance of things within the actual client display.

Since the room oriented part of the scenario is older, it is more developed, and so has more special features. I'll show some of them here.

Here I am in the "Beauty Shop" in the mini-mall. Here you can use a simple editor to change your cursor (what you see for yourself), and your icon (what others see for you). I've added bigger eyes and scraggly beard and hair to my cursor. Note the additional mouse buttons in this room.
In the "Playpen" area of the town, all players are allowed to be builders. Here I am in a new room I have just added to the east of the main Playpen room. Note that one of the sets of room-building buttons have replaced the standard movement mouse buttons. I have just used the Name1 and Name2 buttons to change the name of the room as it appears in the "room name" box.
In my new room, I've gone into the "drawing" mode (the world's worst drawing system!) to add some simple decorations. First, I want to select a colour from this palette. Interestingly enough, some dithering has happened in one of the greens and one of the greys, as the image was captured and converted to GIF format.
Later, I have created a green tree, a brown coffee table, and a couple of chairs. As you can readily see, the graphics possible here are very cartoonish - even rougher than South Park's Canadians! True artists will want to create bitmap images for room, and use those. The above image of the town area is a bitmap image, created by a user for the old Amiga version. Because of that, it has been stretched from its original 160x100 format to a 320x256 format for use here, and shows it!

Clearly the quality of the graphics used so far in the system is not good. I am a programmer, not an artist. Some graphics was done for me by users of the old AmigaMUD system, but that all needs to be redone by an artist to match the new client resolution and colour palette. The key thing to note from these images is the capabilities of the system. Understand that all of the drawing, editing, button-oriented building, etc. is done by scenario code running in the server, using the Java client for the input and output.

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