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Big Blue Bus

This model is in one of the older buses that ETS had. You don't see these on the streets much anymore. After a couple of Bricklink orders for parts, and several tries at some parts, I got it assembled. Another member of NALUG, Nadine, did another, even older style, bus in the red/tan colour combination. I don't have good pictures of it.

The front of this model is far too flat. I could have done something across the lower part, and likely across the upper part, but I could think of no way to improve the front corner columns, so I just left it as is. The sloped windows were what attracted me to doing this model, but you can see that there is no really good way of doing them - LEGO just doesn't have pieces that fill the spaces, so plate with rail on side, and panel bottoms had to do. The black stripes above the widows should really be transparent black - but that would be a lot of trans-black plate, and longer pieces than 1x2 would be desireable.

The wheel wells protrude into the interior, so the buses have sideways seats over them. There are silver panels behind the driver's seat, and between any passenger seats and the stairwells (presumeably to keep people from falling into the stairwells). The fare box is Nadine's idea - I copied it when I saw hers.

Left side
Right side

Through the rear window
Through a side window
Through a rear side window
Through a front side window

Rear door and slope-work
Front angle
Through the front window
Upper rear corner view
Underneath (nothing special)

Along the right side
Along the left side
Front interior
Rear interior

The real thing
Right front
Left side
Left side

If you want to build the model, you will need these parts:


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