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ETS 2008 Centennial

In 2008 I was contacted by ETS (Edmonton Transit System). They were interested in NALUG's help with some displays they were planning during the year (it was their centennial year). One thing they wanted was some bus kits that they could give out to kids, and perhaps use as contests for drivers, etc. Another thing they wanted was a display that could be shown at some of the events. Most NALUG members were not interested, so I ended up doing most of the new work myself. Nadine provided a larger-scale model of an old red/tan bus, Michel provided his model of the old Edmonton General Hospital, John provided 5 houses for the small layout, and Jason D provided an operating trolley for the layout.

Real bus and display pictures used with permission of A Wong.

The bus models in the Churchill Square display
The small display layout at Capital Ex
A slightly different angle

Big Blue Bus

One of the things I did was a larger-than-minifig scale model of one of the ETS buses that I've ridden in lots of times. This is done in their traditional colour scheme, but you don't see many of these old buses on the streets anymore.

Nadine's Tan/Red Electric Bus

This colour scheme is older than the blue/grey one. You still see a few of these buses around, but I think they have been repainted.

Mini Bus

With a bit of help, I put together 50 kits for an ELF minibus. The original one of these that I did had a studs-sideways door, but I switched to a simpler studs-up door for the kits, since they were aimed at kids.

The real thing

Instructions for this bus can be found here.

Low Floor Bus

I also put together 3 kits for a larger bus. These are low-floor kneeling buses, which are the main bus for ETS at this time (2009).

The real thing

My Model

Instructions for this kit are here.

The results of powering this bus using Power Functions parts are here.

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