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Low-Floor/Kneeling Bus

Parts list

Step 15: The rear door is the one with the extra blue brick on it. Attach
    the doors carefully - they will not hold well until the top attachment
    is done. Be careful to keep the door snug with the mounting parts.
Step 17: The left and right subassemblies are used in step 18. The center
    subassembly (roof and front number-plate) is used in step 20.
Step 18: The subassembly containing the number plate is difficult to get in
    properly, and it is also difficult to keep the door attachment in place.
    If the black number-plate parts fall off, that is fine - just put them
    back after the large brick is properly in place, and the door is attached.
Step 20: Attach the roof plates over the doors first. That way you can reach
    inside to hold the door attachments in place while pushing on the roof
Step 23: The wheels and tires are not as shown in the picture.

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