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"Cow Slope"

The original plan for the edge of the town area had "cows" where I put my motel in the early versions. Andrew was going to put a herd of cows there, with some fencing. I had earlier agreed to build some side slopes for the raised areas. I did 3 vertical wall sections, and those have been copied by others. I also did 4 sloped wall-end sections. I agreed to do a full low-slope end section appropriate for the cows. The result isn't prairie pasture, but is more mountain-terrain pasture for cows. But it isn't unrealistic - I've been in areas much like this where cows were happy to munch away. This needs lots of big trees, though.

Early, just to get the elevations
The back of a slightly earlier version of the final hill
Right side view
Left side view
Closeup of "cow facilities"


My lonely two cows and 4 fences will be replaced by Andew's bounty. Also, there is about 6 studs of space beyond the front edge of my baseplates before the train track, so there is room for more cows (and fence) there.


When setting this up in the Londonderry store, we realized that the raised tables were not centered within the track - they were 8 studs to one side. This meant that the right end of the slope did not have enough clearance for the long train engines. An hour or two of surgery was required to make it work, which resulted in the right sloped wall segment being quite different from the left one.

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