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GETS 2009 - Water Tower, Motel and "Cow Slope"

Water Tower Motel Cow Slope

Michel was "show dictator" for this year. The big project was a Mindstorms-automated coal train illusion. That required a raised area, 18 bricks high, which needed something to nicely go from the level on top of the raised section to the main level, all around the raised section. I made 3 wall sections, and two pairs of wall-end slopes, and other NALUG members cloned the wall sections. Once I had a better idea of what was needed, I also volunteered to make an end slope, which would also have cows on it.

At one point some of us were discussing the kind of things that could go into the town, and someone mentioned "water tower". So, I did one of those. I also did a motel for the edge of town.

Wall section and end:

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