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The Academy at King Edward

The main entrance to this school is on the west side. I approached from the north and east, so that is where my views start.

(My apologies for some of these shots being zoomed in - the bright sunlight makes it hard to see the main display on my camera, and I had the digital zoom on without realizing it.)

First is a full shot of the east side of the building. The concrete addition definitely detracts from the view.
A zoomed shot shows more detail, especially of the interesting tower.
Then I looked towards the north-east corner, behind the ugly cement block.

This shot shows the north side.
This shot, also of the north side, shows just the windows on the north wall.

Continuing around, I have a not bad shot of the north-west corner.
A zoom in to the main entrance on the west side.
A look up at the tower.
The south-west corner.

External chimney (or whatever it is!)
Closeup of some concrete detailing.

South-east corner.
South-east corner.

New shots

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