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Some Possible Lego Building Subjects

Academy at King Edward  Holy Trinity Anglican Church  Old Strathcona Fire Hall  The Edmonton Queen RiverBoat

On Sunday, April 25, 1999 I went for a nice walk in the early afternoon. I took pictures of the riverbank trails, and then shots of 3 of the more interesting buildings in the neighbourhood. They might make good subjects for building Lego models of.
Academy at King Edward Holy Trinity Anglican Church Old Strathcona Fire Hall
Unfortunately, it has been built up around.
Old Strathcona Post Office Queen Alexandra School Strathcona School

I don't have any of the historical information on these buildings, but I'm sure there must be lots around. They are all in the Old Strathcona area of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

Truck with big wheels Train Stuff

A quite different possible subject is the Edmonton Queen riverboat. The link here is to a page in my "Views" directory, so its "Up" link will not get you back here - you'll have to use your browser's "Back" button.

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