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April 25, 1999

This sunday was clear and quite warm, especially considering the still early date. We don't consider ourselves safe from snow until late in May, and this was a month earlier than that, but was definitely shorts and tee-shirt weather. I took a few pictures of the same things that I have snow-filled pictures of from January 10th, so that I can set up comparisons. Perhaps actually sequences will come from this.

Remember the little tree buried in the snow? Well it is out now.
The snow-filled poplars are just starting to bud out, but are still too far away.
The park entrance is perhaps more inviting now?
The trio of birch trees don't have leaves yet, but will soon.
The main path also has a distinctly different look without 2 feet of snow on it.
A shot I don't have from winter is this one of the trail leading up to the hollow.
Here's the spring shot of the hollow itself.
And another of the other side of the hollow. After lots of snow, I liked the colours of this one so much that I made a backdrop of it. It's on this backdrop page.
Along the way I passed one of the small ponds that can be found, but it shows up quite poorly - sorry! I didn't see any ducks on that one, but I have on other occasions.
From a lookout point that I usually go to, I took a shot of home.
From the same lookout point, looking the other way, is downtown.
I'm always amused by the dangly things that one kind of trees get in the spring.
They look to me like little aliens on the branches (OK, so I'm being silly!)
A quite diffent kind of flower shows at this time of year on another type of tree.
I also tried a closeup of a new leaves just coming out.
Here's one more random shot that was supposed to show lots of colours.

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