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Weekend Walks and Views From My Balcony

Warning: pages below here contain lots of thumbnail images!

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If you haven't already done so, please take a moment to read my short conditions of use. Thank you.

I live in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, in a sixth floor apartment overlooking the North Saskatchewan river. I picked this location because I wanted a corner unit, and because I wanted the view. So, having that view, and having a new digital camera, I take lots of pictures from my balcony and windows, and put them here on my web pages.

For those of you who don't readily know where this is, its at the center of the left half of this projection of the globe.

My camera is a FujiFilm MX-700. I chose that particular one because it is quite small (fits in a shirt pocket) and it can take fairly high resolution pictures (1280x1024 or 640x480). It has a 2X digital zoom, but I sure would like an optical zoom, say 4X or more. That makes it harder to fit in a pocket, however, since zoom lenses tend to stick out. That camera has been used to take nearly all of the pictures on my web pages. The few exceptions are noted.

In 2008 I bought a new camera, a Kodak Z712 IS. It has a nice optical zoom, and also will do digital zoom after that in the lower-resolution modes. It will also do movies. Unfortunately, it will not fit in a pocket, so it has not been used much on walks - mostly for shots taken from my balcony. In 2010 I got a cell-phone with a camera, which does fit in a pocket. Pictures and videos from it can be found here.

I like to walk outdoors, and do so nearly every weekend, weather permitting. There are usually more interesting things to see on those walks than can be seen from my balcony. So, I often take my camera with me on those walks, and take even more pictures to put here on my pages. The first set of links at the top of this page are to sets of pictures taken on the date indicated. I'm stubborn, and insist on putting the dates in a proper sorting form: YY/MM/DD.

The second set of links above are to pages with miscellaneous collections of other pictures. The Panoramas link is to a page where I put sets of pictures taken in a sequence from my balcony. There are a *lot* of thumbnail images on that page, so it might take a while to load. The Edmonton Queen link is to a page of images of the "Edmonton Queen" riverboat, which cruises the local river. My second Edmonton Queen page contains later, closer pictures, including onboard and inside shots. Some of my relatives live in Oliver, B.C. and Kamloops, B.C., so I've managed to get a few pictures from those places as well.

In mid-February, 2000, I went with my family (and the groom's family) to Puerto Vallarta Mexico for a wedding. I took lots of pictures down there. The first page is mostly of things around the resort. The second page is more of a random collection.

On July 11, 2004, a big hailstorm hit the city. I didn't get the best view, but I got a few pictures of what I saw.

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