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June 7, 1999

The weekend of June 6 and 7 was better than expected. It wasn't a really warm June weekend, but it was fine for a walk. I took quite a few backdrops on the Sunday, along with this bunch of random pictures.

Tiny little bluebells (harebells?).
This shows what the bush is like off to the side of this part of the trail. This is in one of the more open parts.
I had spent all that time looking for wild Clematis a couple of weeks ago, when there was a big patch of it less than a block from my front door! This patch is further, but is still right on the main street.
Hey! What flattened all of these dandelions? Perhaps its the forest version of a crop circle?
Hmm. This looks like a fern-type plant, except it has a flower? Anybody know what it is?
There are 4 of these plants that I know of, right along the main path that I often use. The biggest is 4 - 5 feet high. So, are then poison oak, or are they just wild-seeded regular oak? Oak is pretty rare around here.
These pod things on some of the trees open up to release huge masses of seed fluff. If the conditions are right, I'll try to get pictures of the ground covered in it when it happens.
This large bush seems to have lots of pollen, including all over the leaves. Or perhaps its a disease of some kind?
This is another attempt to get a picture of a spider web. You can at least see the web in this one.
My boss is named Wayne, and a co-worker is named Penny. They are both separately happily married. Or are they? :-)
This is a view of the side trail heading up gradually. Looks pleasant, and it was, except for the mosquitos!
There are lots of these around, both in places like this on the edge of the grass beside the road, and in the bush along the path. Dunno what they are.
There are 3 or 4 fairly nice wild apple trees in the bush. This is a close-up of a flower on one of them.
Interesting looking flower. An anenome or something?

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