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The Edmonton Queen RiverBoat

Because of talk of the Edmonton Queen leaving the city, I decided to go out and get more pictures of her. My thinking is that she should make a pretty good subject for a Lego model!

The Queen's docking area, as seen from the pedestrian bridge just downstream.

Here she comes, heading upstream on the home leg of the cruise.

Looking down on the Queen from the downstream side of the bridge.

Looking down on the Queen from the upstream side of the bridge.

She's nearly docked now. This takes a couple of minutes, and involves a bit of backpaddling and the bow jets, too.
This is the pedestrian bridge, as seen from just upstream.
Here is the upper docking ramp, with disembarking passengers.
Here is the lower docking walk, looking unused.
A similar view, looking towards the bow as docked.

At this point, I asked one of the attendants if it would be OK for me to go on board (even though I hadn't purchased a boarding ticket) and take some pictures for a possible modelling project. After checking with her manager, she said to go ahead. Thank you both!

These shots are all taken from on-board. Some of them are quite dark, unfortunately, so I've done some enhancements using Image Magick.

At the stern, looking through some plastic shutters towards the right-hand paddlewheel. (OK, so I'm not being nautical).
At the stern, looking from right to left.
Still in the stern, looking left to right towards one of the snack bars.
Looking forward in the stern, towards the main snack/drink bar. This occupies the rear of the central top cabin.
Looking forward along the right side of the top cabin.
Looking forward from the forward end of the right side. The small cabin ahead is the steering cabin.
Looking backward along the right side passage.
Looking down to the bow from the right-hand-side.
Looking down to the bow from the left-hand-side.
Detail of the bow stairs, from the left-hand-side.
Looking back to the front of the topside cabin, from the left-hand-side of the forward deck.
Looking to the stern along the left topside walk. The first open door on the left is where I went in.
Looking forward from the forward end of the left walk.
Closeup of the stuff along the left walk.
Quick peek towards the washrooms. This is just inside the forward door going into the top cabin, along the left side. The door to the immediate right is the other washroom. Sorry, I don't remember which is which, and I felt just a little bit odd taking pictures of washrooms!
Looking rearward from the washroom area, inside the top cabin.
Looking down the main stairs. Note the riding machine for handicapped folks, down the middle of the staircases.
Main cabin downstairs. Left hand side, looking forward.
Looking towards the left, showing the main food bar (its a self-serve buffet, usually), and the lower main doors (seen from outside previously).
Looking backward at the bottom of the stairs, and the smaller cabin area astern. On the cruise that had just finished, this area was private, and used for a medium sized wedding party.
A view in the stern private cabin. I believe the set of stairs visible outside is the one on the left-hand side of the stern deck, that is not accessible to passengers. It leads down to the mesh deck around the paddles.
The other side (rear, right-hand corner) of the back cabin.

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