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Yet More Miscellaneous Pictures

September 16, 2000

My next digital camera is darn well going to have a decent optical zoom on it! This is the biggest woodpecker I've ever seen, I think. Its body was about a foot high, and he had a bright red cap. You can sort of see him in this picture, but that's about it.
The woodpecker again. Then I gave up.
There are a couple of old manhole towers beside the creek. (The creek is *not* clean water!) Last time I was walking there I noticed that this one has water flowing out of a large hole in its base. Strange. I guess its a storm sewer line with a spring draining into it or something. There is also a hole on the right of the top that you could likely get to, but I didn't try.
Here is a closeup (hah!) of some flowers growing wild below the boundary hedge of a house on the edge of the ravine. They are a bit overgrown with grass!

Some pictures from my balcony, mid fall 2000

December 10, 2000 - cold winter pics from inside. Warning - large pictures

In August of 2001, Edmonton hosted the World Games in Track and Field. Down in Kinsmen park, most nights of the event they put on a free evening concert, featuring various artists, and ending with a light show. They called the light show "The Northern Lights", and it included 30 of the "Sky Cannon" searchlights, a pair of green lasers, some coloured fireworks, and coloured spotlights shining around and on the waterfall from the high level bridge. Given that the lights were a night event, my camera did poorly. These two shots are the best I've got.

cropped portion of a larger picture
2x digital zoom - should have tried a tripod

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