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November 21, 2003 - Heritage Classic Hockey Time

This coming weekend is the Heritage Classic Hockey game, played here in Edmonton. Not being a big hockey fan, I haven't tried to get tickets, but the city is certainly abuzz with it. I happened to be at home today, and was just walking back into my living room when I spotted the Snowbirds aerobatic team flyby along the river valley. Not having my camera in my hand at the time, I couldn't get a picture of that best flyby (from my viewpoint), but I did grab it and try my best. They had smoke generators onboard and were using them.

Smoke trail from first flyby
Looking northeast
Looking northwest - steam plumes show the cold temperature

Second flyby - should have had my 2x digital zoom on
Smoke trail as it descended in the cold
Third flyby - can't even see the planes here
Fourth flyby after split into 3 groups
Fifth and last flyby
First group of 3
Second group of 3
Third group of 3

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