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Victoria Day Weekend, 1999

This Sunday, May 23 was wonderful, with puffy white clouds and warm weather. Holiday Monday was even better, with an almost clear, deep blue Alberta sky (sorry about the streaks - they are from the sun shining directly on the lens) and record-breaking temperatures. I went out both days, taking pictures of things like wild flowers, ornamental apple trees, moss, and our local tourist streetcar. I added several potential backdrops on these outings.

I'm still experimenting with this photography thing, so some of these pictures aren't very good. One of the wildflowers that we get a few of around here is the wild Clematis. They don't get the masses of flowers like the tame ones do, but they are still a surprise when seen in the bush. This first set is just beside the path in Queen Elizabeth park, right where my winter photo of the snow on the Mountain Ash berries was taken. Unfortunately, it was taken into the sun, so the contrast is poor.
I spent the rest of my walk looking for another set, and found only one more, right beside a mud-hole in the trail. The whole group shows up not too bad.
I think I got too close for my camera's macro mode in this close up.

I was looking for good sets of wild berry flowers (saskatoons and wild cherries, I think), but they don't show up as well in the pictures as they do in real life:

This little ground-flower (dogwood?) shows up much nicer.
My standard subjects are here as well. Here's the trio.
And here is the hollow.
The only other shots from my first woods-walk is this one of a hole in a mossy bank, and...
...this one of some other moss.

That evening, the city celebrated by turning on the Great Divide Waterfall. Don't laugh, it was one of our 125th anniversary projects or something!
The next day I went hunting for more backdrop pictures. You can find them on my backdrop pages. The others are not my usual fare, but I was in the mood for lots of pictures! This was the first day this year that our little Japanese streetcar was running. Here you have to look hard to find it, but it is there on top of the high-level bridge, right in the middle of the picture.
On my way back, I happened to catch it crossing the street as I was heading home. (I live in the building seen in the picture.)
Just beside where I was standing for that picture is an untended apple tree, that gets lots of white flowers anyway.
One yard has this mutant-looking evergreen.
This picture of the white tree flowers would have made a good backdrop - I *thought* I was in big-picture mode!

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