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March 20, 1999

Today was a pleasantly warm spring day. So, I took a longer walk than usual, and so the pictures here are not of my usual locations, but are of the area around the east side of the lower end of Mill Creek Ravine.

There is a bird there, honest!
Can you see it better here? It's one of those big woodpeckers.
This is a duckpond, all frozen over and snowed over.
This is the main camp for the crew of the movie "Snow Job" which was filmed here in Edmonton. Some shots were done along Groat Road, I'm told. I think I saw a couple of crew on my walk later today, but they didn't seem to be doing much.
This is an attempt at a closeup of the movie snow plow. Its a big military-style dump truck with a high snow-plow blade on the front. I saw it driving through the city one morning, with a police escort (I guess its a bit too big to fit properly in a normal traffic lane).
I've always liked the contrast of green evergreens against a blue sky, so I took a shot here. On this one, the flash went off.
And on this one it didn't. Not much difference!
This is a view looking northwest from just below where the movie camp is. Although this is still very early spring, I saw some small insects flying around, just below here on the trail. The buildings on the right are downtown, across the river. The one on the left, I think, is 9929 Saskatchewan Drive.

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