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December 20, 1998

My first walk with my new digital camera. It was cold out (-17C or so), and this was the first real snow of the year. The fall had been quite warm up until this spell. The snow melted a lot shortly after this, but then January 1999 brought some real dumps of it. The images here are 640x480, and 120K - 250K each.

Here is a view from safely inside. This is looking north across the North Saskatchewan River to the power plant. The cooling outflow (far right) steams more as it gets colder. There is some faint steam coming off the open part of the river itself. Just upstream, the river is fully frozen over, but the heat from the University of Alberta power plant and this one keeps open spots all year round. In truly cold years (will we ever seen another one in our lifetimes?) it freezes over except for small openings right by the outlets.
Ok, now lets go for our walk. This is a shot of the hiking path along the top of the river bank. Nice and snowy (not compared to January!)
Off to the side of the path, we see some snowy trees, and a group of skinny birches or something behind them.
Getting off of the main path onto a side trail, we are more off the beaten path.
Further along the side trail, we see smaller trees, starting to develop a nice coating of snow. Looked impressive then!
Now a pretty shot of some small spruce trees (Christmas tree size), and the coated side of a poplar.
A longer shot heading along the trail. Nice, untrodden snow.
With this picture I was trying to capture something that might make a backdrop for my computer screen. One could grab parts of the snowy foreground as wallpaper.
Better lighting gives a much brighter view. This set of mixed trees looked much snowier 3 weeks later.
Time to get artistic - a nice snowy treetrunk.
Here is a closer shot of some small trees in front of a hollow. Looks not bad, but compare it with early January!

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