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October 23, 1999

A late fall walk, looking for a few final leaf colour pictures.

Just heading out on my walk, I looked down into a small dip and saw this tree. Red on top, yellow the rest of the way down. Is this a Lombardy Poplar or something?
Down by the Queen Elizabeth swimming pool, lots of green leaves from this tree on the ground.
From further off, we see the contrast of evergreens, yellow leaves, and bare trees.
Further along, this fellow is still stubbornly showing some green.
Nothing much for quite a while, so here is the usual trio.
And another fall shot of looking down into the little valley. Not much left on the trees.
Walking along, I heard a rustling in the leaves. I assumed it was a bird or squirrel, but it wasn't! Would you believe this is one of the few wild snakes I've ever managed to see? If you can't find it, look for a darker vertical stripe in the left part of the picture.
It is more visible in this zoom. As usual, I tried to get closer, and it immediately disappeared. This one is about 2 feet long.
A brown leafy view up the trail.
A brown leafy view to the side of the trail.
This shot, looking down from a high part of the trail upto the hollow, shows that the leaves are not just localized - they are a pretty solid layer.
Here is the hollow. Ho hum.
Strangely, 3 trees that have held their colour the longest are just across the street from where I live. Here is the first, from my balcony.
And the second, hiding behind a split blue spruce.
And the third.

October 24 - a strong wind today blew a lot of the leaves off the trees across the street.
October 24 - zoomed in shot.

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