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Heritage Days, July 31 - August 2, 1999

This is an annual event in Edmonton, with this year's being the 24th. This is a 3 day festival down in Hawrelak Park (which I wish the city would rename back to Mayfair Park, so that out-of-towner's would have a clue as to what to expect of it). The festival celebrates the multicultural heritage of Edmonton. There are pavilions from a few dozen of the ethnic groups in the city. Most pavilions offer ethnic food, and many also put on periodic shows, usually dance and music, and usually in full costume. This year's attendance was a quarter million. I didn't go right down this year, as I have in previous years, so I didn't stuff myself with a wonderful variety of eatables. Instead, I walked along the western part of Saskatchewan Drive, which overlooks the park and took pictures from a couple of viewpoints.

This is my first look at the festival. This is from the northernmost of the viewpoints that I used, and is looking down on the northern half of the activities.
Zoomed in. The red roofs are all tents.
From the same viewpoint, looking towards the center area. Most activity here is hidden by the trees. The white pointy roof on the left is an open-air bandstand.
Zoomed in.
Here I am trying to look towards the southern part of the park.
Zoomed in.
From the second viewpoint, another view of the central area.
And of the northern area, and a bit of the eastern area.
This view of the central area shows the fountain in the lake. The river is beyond the trees behind the lake.
Here is the southern part of the park. You can see the river in the background.

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