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September 24, 1999

Out for a longer walk today, to get shots from places not on my normal route.

Looking east towards Mill Creek Ravine. It sortof looks like there is a hairy mamoth on the road down there!
Same view, different camera settings
Here, I've just crossed over to the east side of Mill Creek. This view looks down into the valley, roughly to the north-west.
From roughly the same spot, this view looks mostly west. The bike path is the way I come down. It crosses over Mill Creek on an old road bridge, just to the left of this view.
I spotted this colour off the trail a ways. As usual, the colour isn't as bright in a picture!
Here is where I'm heading - a very pleasant walk.
Off to the side of the path are lots of colourful leaves.
On this route there is a small pond, which by this time of the year is all filled up with bullrushes and long grass. What water is showing, is full of floating leaves.
Another view down the path.
And another one off to one side. You can see the grassed ravine bottom through the trees.
At an open spot, I took this picture looking north-east. The panoramas from my balcony include the higher part of this bank, I think. It is often one of the earliest places to change colour in the fall.
This is from about the same place, but looking south-east.
Again, near the open area, there were several of this bright bushes.
Further on, I detoured from the main path to take a shortcut down into the ravine. Here is a park-like area. The creek itself goes into a big culvert just to the left of here. I headed down the small trail, which got quite steep just out of the view.
Here, I was in the bottom of the ravine, looking up and northeast.
I was wandering around the west side of the ravine when I spotted a patch of colour. This was it - a tame-looking plant in the middle of some muddy ground. Anyone know what it is?
This long walk joins back on to the end of my normal walk. So, I was able to take some shots along there, too. Here is the usual trio of trees.
From about the same place, you look down into a small valley in the area on top of the river bank.
Slightly further along, a look down into that little valley shows lots of fall colour.
Hmm. I should have made this a big picture for use as a backdrop.
Here is the second regular shot - the small hollow at the top of the first part of the hill up and home.

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