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September 6, 1999

Today is the Labour Day holiday Monday. It is a cool, overcast day. That's a sharp contrast to yesterday, which was mostly sunny, and quite warm. The feel of autumn is in the air, so I went out looking for signs of it. A number can be seen in my backdrops pages, but a few were shots were more suitable for here.

This spruce tree is right on the edge of the riverbank (there is a river down there, not endless space). It still seems pretty healty, but the roots are starting to get damaged, so it will likely die and fall over in a few years. Update: it disappeared sometime in 2004.
The signs of fall are here - some of the lower leaves are yellow, and some are red. Even some higher leaves are getting a bit yellow. Still, most leaves are still pretty green - there has been no frost yet.
This shot from low to the ground shows the starts of yellowing.
I hadn't noticed this before - looks like a feral asparagus!
I took several shots of this co-operative squirrel, and this is the best of the bunch. There were a lot of them out today - I saw a dozen or so, and heard lots more. They are likely stocking up for the winter.
Here is a bunch of Mountain Ash berries showing full red. There are lots around, but it is hard to get a good shot that isn't just against the sky.
They are hard to see in this shot, but this is a tree that is just loaded with chokecherries. They are good for chokecherry jelly and chokecherry wine. There are also pincherries around, which grow singly and have not much pulp around the seed.
Here is a closeup of some bunches of them.

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