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Miscellaneous Views from My Balcony - Set 2

This first pair of pictures shows some winter fog in the river valley. Sometimes it gets thick enough to come up out of the river valley, but then you can't see much. You'll notice that I stayed indoors for these shots - it was cold out there! The first shot is northwest towards the High Level Bridge (not that you can see it), and the second is northeast.

Sometime in early January 1999, an overnight fog produced a fairly thick frost on the trees down by the river, and the day after was sunny. I've seen better hoar frosts, and closer up, so maybe next winter I'll get a better shot. Looks like I was brave enough to go outside for this one - the sun probably helped!

Here is another pair of fog pictures, this time from late spring 1999. Again, the first is towards the north-east and the High Level Bridge, and the second is towards the northwest. The second is quite early in the morning.

Early 2000, and another early-morning fog picture.

February 5, 2000 - another frosty morning.

A shelf fungus from an otherwise dull weekend walk.
A squirrel up in the tree. Out here we get small squirrels, that are the same size as chipmunks or gophers. We don't have the cat-sized ones that folks out east get.

These 3 shots make a mini-panorama. What they are intended to show is that we do indeed sometimes get smog here. It's by no means as bad as places like Los Angeles can get, but then we don't have the humidity to add fog to the mix. The leftmost (northwest) shot shows a noticeable streak coming from the big cement plant out there. The other two show that a good amount seems to be coming out of the downtown area - likely just the traffic producing it. The day was reasonably warm, so there shouldn't have been too much exhaust from building heating systems.

On one of my back-drop taking expeditions (mid June, 1999), I found a nice white lilac and took a picture. Unfortunately the camera was in low-resolution mode, so the picture isn't backdrop sized. So, I'll just put it here. It's too bad - it's not a bad picture, and I don't have any others of white lilac in bloom.
August 22, 1999 - Waterfall Rainbow. They had the waterfall turned on today (part of the Fringe Theatre Festival?), and there was a strong wind from the west. The result was that the mist of the water made a nice rainbow effect.
September 11, 1999 - This is Queen Elizabeth pool (in Queen Elizabeth park, a block east and down the riverbank from where I live) just after it has been closed for the season. This is the oldest public pool in the city, and the city keeps threatening to close it for good (it requires considerable maintainance). However, it is beautifully located and quite popular. Time will tell!
September 11, 1999 - It's not uncommon to see jet-ski's like this (or larger power boats) using the river as a recreational area. At this time of the year, the water is a nice translucent green, too - all the muddiness from spring runoff and summer rains is long gone.

April 3, 2000 - Nearly all of the snow is gone, and the river right below me never did freeze over this year. Here is some of the ice from higher up flowing past.

April 9, 2000 - Woke up this morning to see wet overnight snow. Time for lots of pretty pictures of it. At 2:00 p.m. its still snowing, but it seems to be lighter snow now.

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