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April 11, 1999

The snow is mostly gone now. Here is a mini-panorama from my balcony:

There are hints of green, but not really much yet.

The river has no more ice sitting on the sides, but there is some flowing along.

One of the ugly parts of spring is the bits of dirty snow that are left.

These bits are just in front of the building I live in. Being far from the road, they are not bad.
However, this mess, across the street, is icky. The problem is that they put sand and fine gravel on the road in the winter, and when they plow it, a lot of the snow ends up on the side of the road. When that melts (this bit took longer because it is in the shadow of the building for most of the day), it leaves the dirt behind on the grass. The city comes along with motorized sweepers and sweeps the grass, so it looks better after that.

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