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Oliver, Late December, 1998

For one different set of views, here are some shots taken in Oliver, British Columbia, Canada, in late December of 1998. I took a walk with family, and we took pictures of what looked interesting. Note the distinct lack of snow, which is not uncommon in the southern Okanagan valley.

We start with two shots of a hill north of town:

We then proceeded up the small but steep hill in the middle of town, and took shots of an interesting looking tree:

Heading down the back of the hill, we found some bright spots of colour in these red leaves.
We then went down to the town park on the shore of Lake Tuc-el-nuit (did I spell that right?). Looking north along the lakeshore shows how the waves washing over the rocks have formed a layer of ice.
Looking accross the ice of the lake shows how smooth it is.
Then we have a shot down to the ice.
This one tries to show what is under the ice.
Finally, we took another shot of that same hill as seen across the lake.

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