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October 9, 1999

A nice mid-fall walk along the usual route.

October 8, virga over tomorrow's walk route, with bright setting sun on the apartments east of me.
October 8, a zoom towards the walking area, in the late afternoon sun.

Well into my walk, looking north towards the old bench at the path junction.
Off to one side, a nice mixture of colours.
On the way back - the usual trio of trees.
A very yellow-looking section of the side trail.
See the little squirrel? I looked here because this is the same stump that earlier had the mushrooms on it. I tried for a closer shot of the squirrel, but as usual, it ran away first!
This is the usual look down into the small hollow.
Just down from where I live, and seen in other earlier shots, a set of large mushrooms grew. I went for a look at them, and today they are mostly covered with leaves.
Another shot of the mushrooms, with the flash off.
Just east of where I live is a bridge over the old Fort Road. This is the view north from that bridge. That's my shadow in the middle at the bottom.
I went out on the High Level Bridge, and took some large backdrop pictures looking east. This one is a zoom over the trees. The building in the middle of the picture is where I live.

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