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Castle Experiments

Over the past month or two I've bought 8 of the Megabloks Pro-Builder Battleship sets. My goal was to accumulate a decent number of grey bricks, which are so expensive to acquire otherwise. Eventually, the itch to build something overcame me, and I decided to experiment at some castle-like structures using just the parts from those sets. The images here are the result. They are very bare - no detailing at all. I think there is quite a bit of detailing possible with just the parts from these sets.

There are five separate structures I built. The first is simply a small square building with peaked roof. The second is a low wall section with short "towers" at each end. It is the leftmost in the overall shots. The third was the higher castle wall section with main gate arch and gate towers. Both towers have two floors, but the floors/ceilings are solid, and there are no stairs. The third project was the grey bungalow-style house, seen in the right of the overall views. Not very castle-ish! The final piece was the tower. Here, I was trying out overhangs using inverse slope bricks. The two doors on it use a pair of inverse slopes each to approximate an arch.

Halfway through doing the lower wall section, I realized I should be putting floors in - so only one of its end-towers has a floor. Halfway through doing the high wall section, I realized the floors should use the black 1x8 beams to simulate wood, rather than the grey ones, so one of the interior floors is grey, but the rest are black.

I don't have any Megabloks minifigs, so the one in these pictures is a Lego one, from one of the new 2000 sets. I know practically nothing about photography (that should be obvious!), so I never know whether to use the flash or not on my digital camera. I think I should have, here.

Overall views
with camera flash
no flash

house, with large wall section behind
square building, and bottom of the tower

overhead view of the large gate and towers

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